Nooteboom presents a great variety of new trailers

The fleet of Nooteboom is really impressive. There are plenty of new transporter trailers created for certain aims. If any company wants to purchase a new trailer, it is better to visit Nooteboom.

The trailers have different technical characteristics. The operators can choose the transporter depending on them and the purpose of application (for instance, windmill blades, cranes or other heavy loads transportation). Let’s consider the key features the vehicles can have:

  • number of axles: 2-6
  • type of the steering system: hydraulic/self-tracking
  • type of suspension: air/hydraulic.

The prices of the new semi-trailers are reasonable because the Nooteboom company is aimed at making their products not just effective but also available. Among the variations of machinery, there are MEGA-trailers, Stepframe trailers, MANOOVR trailers, telescopic trailers, etc.

freight truck on highway

There are many advantages, which the new trailers created by Nooteboom possess:

  • reliability
  • cost-effectiveness
  • maneuverability
  • long service life.

The new trailers can be extendable, have automatic lubrication or other additional features.

Nooteboom: general information about the manufacturer

Nooteboom is a famous company, which makes the vehicles for the abnormal transport sector. The firm is one of the leaders on the European market. The trailers created by Nooteboom are always high quality and reliable. Besides, the company uses the latest methods and technologies in order to make the machinery not just sturdy but also maneuverable and comfortable to operate.

The products of the firm include:

  • semi-trailers
  • drawbar trailers
  • tractors
  • cranes and the other vehicles.

The firm has the great experience and wonderful reputation. That’s why lots of companies far beyond Europe are striving for the cooperation with the manufacturer. Nooteboom also takes part in the international events.

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Besides the new trailers, the company also offers an impressive variety of used vehicles designed either by Nooteboom or by the other reliable manufacturers of abnormal transporters.