Self-steering trailers

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Nooteboom is a company, which has always been directed to the creation of innovative solutions. The development of the vehicles with self-steering is one of their latest achievements.

There are two main versions of the vehicles, which are:


OSDS series

The first category became a standard soon after the introduction. The manufacturer did everything to make the vehicle meet the requirements of the modern market. The trailers are designed within the framework of SMART program. The most impressive features are:

  • low dead weight
  • zinc-sprayed chassis
  • minimal running costs.

It is called the best ratio of possibilities and price. The machinery is a multitrailer, which is made of A-brand elements. Thus, it is reliable, safe, and durable. Consider the technical details of the vehicles:

  • number of axles: 3/4
  • loaded floor height: 86 cm
  • load floor: single extendable/fixed
  • variation of suspension: air
  • possible axle load: 9/10 tonnes per axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,360 mm.

There are also enlargers, several variations of storage boxes, remote control, and the other option offered for the trailers. The package always contains lashing eyes and self-tracking axles (1 or 2).

OSD series

One more self-steering trailer is OSD semi low-loader equipped with the self-tracking rear axles (1 or 2). It is more efficient and is made within the framework of PRO-program. There are two versions of the vehicles within this category. The key difference lies in the load floor height. The lowest possible height totals 78 cm. Consider the other features of the machinery:

  • number of axles: 2-5
  • load floor: single extendable/fixed
  • loaded floor height: 78-88 cm
  • load floor width: 2,520 mm/2,740 mm
  • variation of suspension: air/hydro-pneumatic
  • possible axle load: 8/10/12 tonnes per axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,360 mm.

The greatest advantage of such vehicles is the opportunity to suit any specific requirements. They can also be custom-built. Top-quality finish and strong chassis add to the trailers’ durability and reliability.

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