Nooteboom presented a new trailer with a self-tracking system

Speaking about OSD-Mega, we should say it is one of the latest and most outstanding creations of Nooteboom. The construction is extendable and based on the OSDS trailers (developed within a framework of SMART program). The machinery is made more universal and durable. It can be applied to move both crane-loaded goods and heavy self-propelled machines.

There are several important advantages, which the trailer possesses:

  • minimal load floor height
  • thin gooseneck
  • impressive 5th-wheel load
  • multi-functionality.

red and white truck on black asphalt road

The creation can be used together with 4×2 and 6×2 mega tractors. Another important achievement of the vehicle is its correspondence to German regulations.

Consider some technical details about the trailer. Constructively it is a semi-trailer. It has an impressive self-tracking system and strong chassis. For the main beam in the central section, the manufacturer selected high quality steel, making it sturdy and durable. It also helped achieving a low dead weight. The additional pros of ASD-Mega are the top-quality finish and zinc sprayed chassis. All of the above allow prolonging the lifetime of the vehicle. What’s more, the price of the trailer is very reasonable, while the long service life and high residual value make it a good investment.

Let’s observe the main features of the Nooteboom’s product:

  • number of axles: 3
  • gooseneck size: 115 mm thick
  • kind of suspension: air (lower/raise)
  • the distance between the axles: 1360 mm
  • possible axle load: 10 tonnes
  • loaded floor height: 975 mm.

The package of OSD-MEGA

As for the packaging of the vehicle, it can include:

  • lashing eyes
  • a great number of ramps
  • headboards
  • different toolboxes/storage boxes.
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The package might be optimized to meet any specific requirements of the operators.

Nooteboom keeps working on improving this and the rest of their vehicles in order to make them more maneuverable, safe, reliable, and available. The OSD-Mega trailer proved its effectiveness. It is widely used by various companies in Europe.