Nooteboom: who are they?

Nooteboom is one of the leaders in the sphere of abnormal transport. The vehicles created by this manufacturer are allowed for the application in the majority of European countries. The products are always reliable, safe, and versatile. The company applies innovative technologies and takes part in various international events as an innovator.

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Among the vehicles made by the firm, there are:

  • low-loaders
  • semi low-loaders
  • drawbar trailers
  • semi-trailers.

The vehicles are used for various purposes.

Every new creation of Nooteboom is getting more and more maneuverable, cost-efficient, and comfortable.

Nooteboom’s innovation for the windmill blades transportation

In 2016, Nooteboom presented a new vehicle called SWC or Super Wing Carrier. The machinery was developed in order to make the transportation of the windmill blades comfortable. The length of such equipment is usually quite big, which creates certain problems and complications during their transportations. Nooteboom did everything to change the situation.

It is a revolutionary concept, which will allow moving the blades of various sizes and types. The vehicle looks like any conventional semi low-loader. However, it is much longer and wider. The change of the shape allowed transferring the center of gravity, thus, making the machinery stronger. The carrier is equipped with 3 pendle axles with the axle load up to 12 tonnes. What’s more, it is allowed using such vehicles in Europe.

Let’s consider the advantages, which a new wing carrier possesses:

  • great maneuverability
  • prevention of overloading
  • the possibility of adjustment (depending on the blade type)
  • absolute stability
  • retractility during the transportation
  • extra ground clearance
  • good obstacles avoiding, etc.
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All of the above-mentioned became possible thanks to the following features of the SWC:

  • load floor extension: 18.65-64.30 meters
  • suspension travel: 60 cm
  • load floor height: 95 cm (+/- 60 cm)
  • steering angle: 60 degrees.

The Super Wing Carrier can be used for the transportation of the windmill rotor blades with the length up to 70 meters.