Nooteboom’s ballast trailer has been on the top for over 30 years

In 1985, the Nooteboom Company managed to develop their first ballast trailer. The vehicle received 6 axles and became the first product of such type on the European market. The key purpose of such creation is the transportation of the ballast for mobile cranes. Since the development of the vehicles, Nooteboom has been a leader of crane loads transport. The application of the transporters is allowed in all European countries. However, the first step was made by the Netherlands.

white truck on road during daytime

As for the construction of the trailer, it is equipped with a main beam in the central part, which is created of high-grade steel able to guarantee durability and reliability together with the torsional stiffness and impressive stability. The chassis of the vehicle has large load capacity, while the dead weight is as low as possible. One of the biggest advantages of the Ballast trailers is the minimization of sagging. It is possible thanks to the gently arched load floor (when unloaded). The hydro-pneumatic variation of suspension helped achieve good stability. There are no troubles with following the crane. The other pros of this creation are:

  • maneuverability (it is achieved due to the big steering angle, it’s a vital characteristic for any ballast trailer)
  • efficiency
  • low maintenance cost (thanks to the little tire wear and the other features).

Let’s observe the other important features of OVB BALLASTTRAILERS:

  • number of axles: 4-7
  • turntable steering variation: hydraulic
  • load floor extension: single/double
  • kind of suspension: hydro-pneumatic (in standard packaging)/air (if required)
  • MAX axle load: 10/12 tonnes per axle.
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If a customer selects a standard package, it will include the following components:

  • stake pockets
  • manual steering
  • lashing eyes.

The packaging can be different depending on the certain requirements.

The manufacturer used only sturdy A-brand elements to create the vehicles under consideration. It is the main reason, why they are still as popular as 30 years ago.