Nooteboom offers a great variety of Euro low-loaders

The vehicles under consideration are lower trailers, which are equipped with hydraulically steered beam axles. The first machinery of such type appeared in 1980. Since that time, Nooteboom has been working on the constant development of Euro low-loaders. The manufacturer added new features and advanced solutions making the vehicles more cost-effective, maneuverable, comfortable for the drivers, and reliable. Thus, the modern products fully correspond to the requirements of the customers. They are even thought to be the most robust among all the existent low-loaders.

yellow and black excavator on brown sand during daytime

The number of such trailers is large. There are various models, which have different technical characteristics. Let’s consider the most important ones:

  • number of axles: 2-5
  • type of axles: SAF or BPW
  • technical axle load: 10 tonnes/axle or 12 tonnes/axle (at 80 km/hour)
  • axle distance: 1,310 mm – 1,510 mm
  • width axle bogie: 2,520 mm/2,740 mm.

Besides, the payload length might be different depending on the purpose of the application and the requirements of the customers. The wide range of goosenecks is also available. It is possible to find the one for any tractor.

The standard package includes wide excavator trough in the axle bogie, lashing eyes, stake pockets, and manual steering. The vehicles might be also extended at the front with a Jeepdolly or Interdolly.

Observe the key advantages of the Euro low-loaders:

  • minimal tire wear (influence the maintenance cost of the vehicle)
  • hydraulic steering (provides impressive maneuverability).

The low-loaders have optimal weight distribution and high load capacity. The top-quality finish and zinc sprayed chassis make the trailers reliable and durable.

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Nooteboom: general information

Being one of the leaders of the abnormal transport industry, Nooteboom produces high-quality products, which meet the requirements of the market. Their vehicles are maneuverable, easy to operate, and safe. The company has the impressive experience in the sphere of transportations, which allows them creating the revolutionary products.