Nooteboom’s new transport for the long windmill blades

The Nooteboom company presented their revolutionary concept of the 3-axle carrier. The vehicle is an extendable semi-trailer, which is aimed at transporting the very long rotor blades of the windmills. Compared to the conventional vehicles, it is much longer and wider. The shape of the carrier is also a bit different. Such constructive solution allowed moving the center of gravity from the central beam of the trailer. As a result, the vehicle became much stronger.

wind turbine surrounded by grass

For the main material, high-grade steel was selected. Another advantage of the carrier is very strong chassis beams, which allow avoiding extra bending force and torsion stress on the load. Such chassis is able to support the blades of any types and constructions.

As for the characteristics of the vehicle, they are as follows:

  • type of axles: pendle axles
  • number of axles: 3
  • load floor extension: 18-64 m
  • suspension travel: 600 mm
  • steering angle: 60 degrees
  • the vertical travel of a gooseneck: up to 82 cm
  • ground clearance: 135 cm (+/- 82 cm)
  • retraction of the vehicle: up to 12 m (with the extra moveable support beam)
  • axle load: 12 tonnes (allowed in the majority of European countries).

Such features provide many advantages, such as:

  • good maneuverability
  • stability of the machinery (even at a maximum steering angle)
  • wonderful obstacles negotiation
  • the creation of extra gourd clearance (thanks to the adjustable height of a gooseneck)
  • the possibility to transport the windmill blades with the length of up to 70 m (because of the quadruple extendible load floor).

Nooteboom: general information about the company

Nooteboom is a famous company in the abnormal transport industry. They create high-quality, versatile, maneuverable, and safe vehicles. Nooteboom offers:

  • semi-trailers
  • low-loaders/semi low-loaders
  • drawbar trailers.
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The products of the firm are applied by many companies from various parts of Europe. The latest innovation from the Nooteboom company became another contribution to the development of the company and the whole sphere.