Read more about the Norwegian company Acker Kvaerner

The company specializing on oil of international scale Acker Kvaerner announced the creation of a specialized firm (design, supply, etc) to further consolidate & effectively use all the experience gained from the development of the projects for no less than 40 years of success.

It’s not a giant, but a well-known firm specializing primarily in oil & gas projects. In 2005, Aker Solutions completed the construction of two concrete bases for oil & gas production platforms. The new firm’s been opened earlier with the name and under the jurisdiction of Aker Contractors, its name is Kværner.

The historical aspect

The roots of this company go back to 1853 year, to Oslo, where it has been opened. The firm began to be quoted on the exchange of stock in Oslo in 1967.

The Kværner Group participated in oil & gas industry approximately in the 60s, the firm headquarters is, as of now, in Oslo & the work’s carried out by engineering mostly by the subsidiary called Kværner firm.

Kværner began the process of creating of marine pallets during the late 70s & then began to provide engineering services. Kværner’s recognized as a key customer in markets around the world. It concerned oil & gas sphere & other aspects of the large EPC projects. Both companies are controlled by Aker holding.

Expert opinion

“Kværner’s proud of its story in the markets of international scale & we’re proud to have an opportunity to see a well-known and really impressive by its power name for EPC again with pretty valuable targets and even ambitions to be realized. We’re confident in the future our company may and will have,” announced K. Røkke, Aker ASA’s investor.

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It’s expected that under the unforgettable brand Kværner as a specialized company, EPC will more effectively follow the trends of the EPC market & meet the corresponding needs of clients in the world market. Aker Solutions will continue to evolve as an integrated supplier of equipment, technology & management solutions & various service options for the oil & gas industry. Most likely, this is the right decision. However, there’s some intrigue with the return of the old brand.