Veolia waste disposal firm is asked to decommission the waste in Manitoba by 2024

Kurion Inc., which is a subsidiary of Veolia, has been selected to deal with the nuclear waste at Whiteshell site in Canada.

CNL is a Canadian company working in the sphere of nuclear science and technology, which supports different business innovations and technology transfer nationwide. They are considered a global leader in the development of secure and innovative applications for nuclear technologies. It is achieved by the expertise of the latest in various industries:

  • physics
  • engineering
  • metallurgy
  • chemistry
  • biology.

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They operate active and former nuclear sites offering the services, which include:

  • research work
  • development
  • project design
  • engineering
  • management of waste
  • decommissioning.

CNL aims at ensuring the consumers that they have energy, health, and ecological advantages from the development of nuclear technologies.

CNL has selected Veolia to fulfill the following tasks:

  • design
  • fabrication
  • commission of the remote access to the waste products.

The company was chosen because of its previous success with the same technologies in the United Kingdom at Dounreay site. The decision has become a significant step for the firm on a global market.

Veolia promises to provide the Canadian organization with the integrated and effective decisions under the agreement. It will deal with the low- and intermediate-level waste products, which are situated in the in-ground standpipes/bunkers of the Whiteshell site. Veolia will apply the reliable technologies in order to find and sort the waste products. The decommissioning of the place has been required for over a decade.

According to the agreement with CNL, the company will have to fulfill its tasks within 5 years. The first two years are planned to be devoted to the design, fabrication, and commissioning stages. The rest of the time is given for the support of the system’s operation.

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Veolia has already faced plenty of challenging projects, which have made the company capable of managing the CNL’s tasks. According to the agreement, the project has to be finished by 2024.

The Veolia organization details


Veolia Group is a leading international company, which works in the sphere of management of the optimized resource. It has offices all over the world with almost 164,000 employees. The solutions of the firm are provided for:

  • water
  • energy
  • waste products.

They help get the access to the enumerated resources, preserve, and then replenish them.

The firm’s aim is the regular development of the industries and communities. They have done a lot for the people all over the globe. In 2016, the achievements of Veolia included:

  • the provision of the drinking water supplies for over 100 million people
  • the production of 54,000,000 Mhw of energy
  • the provision of wastewater service for 61 million people
  • the conversion of 30,000,000 metric tonnes of waste products into energy/materials.

The revenue of the company that year reached almost €25 billion.

Veolia offers world-class nuclear services in cleaning up and treatment of the radioactive waste uniting the Alaron and Asteralis businesses’ operations and Veolia’s Kurion facilities.

The cooperation of two companies will provoke the development of the industry and the improvement of the ecological situation in the region.