Nurminen Logistics

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The Finnish company Nurminen Logistics completed transportation of tanks to Belarus. The largest tanks carried by Nurminen Logistics measured 5 meters in diameter, and the heaviest ones weighed 122 tons. Due to strict axle load limitations while transporting special cargoes between Lithuania and Belarus, a four-axle tractor unit in combination with a 16-axle trailer were used as transport means.

A growth trend is now emerging for the largest transport companies of Romania involved in carriage of oversized and packaged freight. According to analysis conducted by Romania Business Insider, overall income of six companies amounted to EUR 4.7 million, and the indicator of the last year made EUR 4.5 million. The most significant trade turnover was recorded in Interdean company – EUR 1.7 million, followed by AGS – EUR 1.58 million. Income of CDD Relocation made EUR 500,000, Rilvan locked in EUR 336,000, profits of Corstjens reached EUR 321,000.
Gorky Railway proceeded to the second stage of reconstruction of tunnel No. 4 in Krasnoufimsk. At the first stage underway from December 2010 until April 2011, the builders re-bored the top part of the tunnel to the extension of 79 meters. As you may recall, the tunnel was built during the First World War when the trains easily fitted the tunnel dimensions. Today, its narrow walls have become a barrier to let bulky and abnormal-sized loads through. Total estimate cost of construction will make RUB 1 billion 29 million 750 thousand.
The draft Resolution of the RF Government allowed multiple entries for foreign vessels to the inland sea waters of the Russian Federation by December 31, 2012 – Pechenga Bay and Ambarnaya Bay in the Barents Sea. The calls are planned in order to deliver juvenile fish for commercial fish rearing, fish feed and specialized fishing equipment, towing and installation of feed dispenser, sorting of fish, as well as towing and shipping of specialized outsized cargoes. This is about 18 live fish and transport vessels, and also tugboats – 16 Norwegian and two Danish ships.
Volga-Dnepr Group has increased the turnover by 22% during the year. It took the 118th place in Expert-400 rating (instead of 123rd a year before). The volume of Group’s sales made USD 1.587 billion in 2010. Freight turnover rose by 7% in 2010 and amounted to 1.845 billion ton-kilometers. By 2020, Volga-Dnepr is planning to occupy about 50% of the global market in terms of charter freight, and approximately 85% in the ramp aircraft segment. A particular place in Volga-Dnepr development program is taken by aircraft fleet extension. As a result, it will become the owner of the largest freight carrier fleet in CIS and Europe.
On November 30, 2011, Vyborg Shipyard performed the first contract delivery of parts of orders 506 and 507 to AHS Helsinki. The delivered freight weighs 960 tons. The works were done under the contract signed between OAO Vyborg Shipyard and Arctech Helsinki Shipyard (AHS) this April to construct blocks for two icebreaking supply ships.
The Ural Turbine Works (ZAO UTZ) concluded a contract with IES Holding to deliver turbines for Novokuibyshev CHP-1 (OAO Volzhskaya TGK – territorial generating company). As per the contract terms, ZAO UTZ will design and manufacture a new single-cylinder steam turbine Tp-35/40-8,8 which will fully conform to the client’s specifications.

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