Learn more about the operation of the new model of construction equipment LTM1750

On this page of the site you can get acquainted with the latest events related to the Liebherr technique – a new crane model is sure to please everyone who appreciates the novelties of the industry.

A new model of technology

The new model of the mobile telescopic crane LTM 1750-9.1 was purchased by the Moscow rental company in April 2017 and was first introduced this crane in Russia at the STT-2017 exhibition. The main area of application of new technology will be the construction of the subway and other large infrastructure facilities.

The acceptance of the crane at the Liebherr plant in the German city of Ehingen took place in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of owners and business partners, including representatives of a leasing company and an insurance company. Quality technology and reliable partners are the keys to successful development. Therefore, the manufacturer pays special attention not only to the choice of the equipment manufacturer but also to the selection of financing and insurance organizations. The very next day after the acceptance, LTM 1750-9.1 went to the port to take part in the exhibition.

Operation of machinery

The company already operates Liebherr crawler cranes with lattice arrows with carrying capacity up to 750 tons. However, the new model LTM 1750-9.1 will maximally solve the problems of expanding the subway network.

The solemn transfer of the crane to the customer took place at the Liebherr plant in the German city of Ehingen.

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The new 750-ton mobile crane is designed to complement the Liebherr range of self-propelled cranes, taking its place between successful models 1500-8.1 & 11200-9.1.

A distinctive feature of the new 9-axle crane is the possibility of traveling on public roads. For more economical operation around the world, LTM 1750-9.1 has taken into account the requirements for different transport weights and axle loads. Structurally, the new mobile crane is designed for maximum operational installation in the working position.

Due to its high load capacity of 750 tons, the crane is able to single-handedly lift, for example, a tunneling machine. Previously, it was necessary to use two cranes working in tandem. With a telescopic boom of 52 m long, Y-braking and various latticed extensions, the crane operator has a variety of boom systems that provide a lifting height of 154 m and a reach up to 112 m.

The telescopic boom is 52 m long, the Y-hauler and a variety of trellis extenders provide a lifting height of up to 154 m and a reach of up to 112 m.

The grille extension with variable outreach can be increased to 91 m by intermediate sections of 3.5 m. The slope of the fixed grille extension up to 62 m in length can optionally be hydraulically operated. Thus, the position of the extension cord can be changed even under the load. A special auxiliary extension cable with a carrying capacity of 56 tons is also available. It is mounted both on a telescopic boom and on a stationary trellis extension or swinging lattice.