Origins of Estela de Luz

Mexico, officially the Mexican United States, is a country in the south of North America bordering on the north with the USA, on the southeast – with Belize & Guatemala, washed on the west by the waters of the Gulf of California & the Pacific, on the east – by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico & the Caribbean Sea. Mexico occupies virtually the entire territory of Central America.

Mexico is the cradle of the brightest civilizations – Mayan Indians and the Aztecs, who were lost in the darkness of the centuries. It is a beautiful and unusually mysterious country. Its animal & plant world is fantastically rich, as is the cultural heritage of this country.

In Mexico has been launched the “Corruption Tour” by bus, during which guides tell travelers about places related to bribery & other crimes.

In the course of the excursion, the attention of tourists is drawn, in particular, to the monument Estela de Luz (“Pillar of Light”) established in 2011 in honor of the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence from Spain. The company that worked on its construction was suspected of overestimating the total cost on several million dollars used for the construction from steel. This unique monument Estela de Luz Mexico City is part of the new cultural heritage of Mexico.

Historical reference

Travelers are also told about a sculpture Luz project in memory of 43 students who were killed by bandits in the state of Guerrero in 2014. Students, active participants in protest actions, were arrested by policemen, who then handed them over to criminals.

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Guides tell travelers about places related to bribery & other crimes. Attractions along the route include the Senate of Mexico, the Mexican Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Social Security Institute & other places.

The tour is free & is funded by private donations. The excursion, which lasts 90 minutes, is held weekly on Saturdays, twice a day.

In the perception of corruption from the organization of Transparency International for 2016, Mexico is ranked 123rd in the list of 176 countries.