Meet the most outstanding moments of Breakbulk China 2016

Breakbulk 2016 in China: the attendants and agenda

Breakbulk 2016 in China was planned for the 14-17 of March. The traditional place for the forum was the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The event was organized on the 2nd floor of the building accepting hundreds of guests.

There were several essential issues concerning the logistics sector described during the occasion:

  • heavy lifting in ocean transportations
  • project cargo management
  • the depression of the international transportations
  • modern shipping development
  • the negotiations on logistics contracts
  • Belt & Road Initiative, etc.

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The program of the forum in 2016 was traditionally very interesting. It included:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • exhibitions
  • summits
  • education days
  • workshops, etc.

There were many famous companies of various spheres among the attendants:

  • Rio Tinto
  • Fluor Shanghai
  • Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group
  • Pacific Ocean Group
  • Global Starr Logistics
  • CMEC Comtrans, etc.

There were many advanced specialists among the attendants as well as the starters of the industry. All of them came to share the experience, find efficient solutions and new connections. The information about the most significant logistics event in 2015 can be found in Breakbulk magazine or on the official site of the event.

Breakbulk China and the corresponding forums

Breakbulk China is a logistics forum, which is organized annually. It takes place in the financial and transportation center of the country – Shanghai. The event is attended by many visitors from various parts of the world and from China. The forum has a very positive impact on the development of logistics not just in China but worldwide. That’s why there’re similar events, which are carried out in other states including:

  • the US
  • the Russian Federation
  • Malaysia
  • Germany
  • the United Arab Emirates, etc.
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The conferences help solve the most acute problems of the logistics sphere, find efficient and cost-effective solutions. The information about the forums is printed in Breakbulk magazine as well as the photos from the annual contest organized by them.

A visit to any Breakbulk occasion is not just a symbol of success for the firms. It is also an opportunity to make your firm more known, to find new clients and partners, and add to the global logistics development. Read more information on the event you are interested in on the Internet.