OVB TELETRAILER offers great efficiency for the concrete and steel structures

Another Nooteboom’s creation made a furor in the heavy-duty transportation sector. The new vehicles were titled OVB TELETRAILERS. The transporters under consideration are semi-trailers of the flatbed type, which are aimed at moving the steel and concrete structures.

The key technical features of the machinery are unique steel beam (which is sturdy and reliable) and very strong chassis. There are no vulnerable elements in the structure of the trailers, as Nooteboom always applies only top-quality details. One more interesting fact about the vehicles: the hydraulic turntable steering.

grayscale photography of concrete blocksAll the features described make the creation quite efficient. Let’s consider several important advantages of the trailers:

  • maneuverability (thanks to the impressive steering angle)
  • low maintenance cost (because of the application of hydraulic steering and little tire wear)
  • reliability (the central beam is created of high-quality steel)
  • minimization of sagging (as the form of the chassis is gently arched in the unloaded position)
  • durability (thanks to the top-quality finish and the zinc-sprayed chassis).

What’s more, the manufacturer managed to achieve low dead weight, while making the load capacity extremely high.

Characteristics of the vehicles

The technical characteristics of the trailers under discussion are impressive. Let’s consider the essential ones:

  • number of axles: 2-6
  • steering type: hydraulic
  • load floor extension: single, double or triple
  • variation of suspension: air/hydro-pneumatics
  • possible axle load: 9/10/12 tonnes per axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,810 mm.

Besides, there are different variations of headboards and boxes for storage for these trailers. There are also cross rows of stake pockets and twist locks.

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The standard packaging of the creation includes the stake pockets and the lashing eyes.

The TELETRAILERS created by the abnormal transport sphere giant are a perfect choice for those, who are looking for a long service life and high residual value.