Oversize and heavy cargoes transportation challenges

Some loads are impossible to ship in conventional containers due to their extremely large sizes or weight. Such cargoes require individual loading with developing special plans for transportation of each unit if the construction if it can be divided into parts, or even modeling and implementing unique engineering plans for moving heavy cargoes as a single unit in a row of cases. Success of oversize transportation projects is often a big, or even a unique event. Here are some of the successful past and promising upcoming operations of the recent years in multiple countries:


Clean energy is not an empty phrase for this country, which is proved by its interest in installing wind turbines. Thus, one of the top priority challenges of Mediaco Maxilift company is in performing operations of moving, lifting, and mounting wind generators, which weigh up to 600 tons.


Transportation of reactor in Iran. 700 tons heavy, 46 x 8 m in size reactor travelled from the port in Malaysia to Bandar Abbas in Iran, making it the heaviest item transported by Ro-Ro method on the territory of this country.


Tradelossa’s shipping and mounting of a gas turbine sized 11.2 x 4.8 x 4.5 m with a weight of 290 tons and a generator with a size of 11.5 x 4 x 4. 51 m and a weight of 307 tons for power plant was successfully carried out in Altamira, Mexico.


Fridenson, a successful Israeli heavy lift company, has succeeded in moving almost thirty rail wagons as a part of Adriatic sea – Ashdod port shipping. The vessels underwent successful crane, welding, and shipping operations.

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China has successfully shipped two tugboats by means of flo-flo method on a semi-submersible ship. The loads with the dimension of approximately 37x13x24 m have been successfully delivered to South America.


Volga-Dnepr avia company has implemented an urgent delivery of firemen helicopters to Chile. The urgency was linked with the necessity of extinguishing the fires in rural area in Chile. Unique possibilities of An-124-100 have afforded to transport three Bell 205 helicopters, K-MAX 1200 helicopter, a truck platform and a trailer in one run.

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