Dr. Shrink wrap: a revolutionary novelty in the packaging materials market

Packaging of equipment for transportation in a wrap by Dr. Shrink is a reliable and inexpensive way of complex protection against mechanical damages and climatic factors of cargoes of different purposes and shapes weighing from kilograms to several tons.

The simple technology of packaging equipment in Dr. Sbi wrap does not require much labor, complex devices, moving massive loads.

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The product is to be put in a wrap, the joints are sealed, the whole surface is warmed up – the “flexible packaging” settles down and takes the shape of the object.

Advantages of packing goods in a Dr. Shrink wrap

packaging maintains integrity and tightness in the temperature range from -40 to +500 °C with preservation and transportation to any distance, even on open platforms, without the risk of damage, unauthorized opening, theft

a variety of wrap sizes (thickness – 150-300 microns, width – 4-15 meters, length – 15-90 meters) makes it possible to pack objects of any dimensions into a single seamless cloth. Such a packing of the equipment for transportation evenly perceives loads, has no weakened sections, therefore it is distinguished by increased strength and reliability.

Dr. Shrink packaging is irreplaceable, because it has a number of unique advantages:

  • the material, of which the packaging is made, is large and allows hermetically packaging complex technical devices, oversized goods or the object of conservation of any size and shape
  • after the heat treatment, the wrap tightens the packaging object, takes its shape and becomes strong. Strength completely prevents the steals from the package during transportation, preventing damage to the cargo, and the tightness protects against natural factors (snow, rain, gusty wind and solar radiation) and their impact
  • the technology provides installation of ventilation hatchways with protection against precipitation to prevent condensation inside the package
  • antibacterial properties of Dr. Shrink wrap do not allow molds and fungi to be planted even during prolonged storage
  • the thermal impact in the process of packaging equipment or cargo does not apply to the cargo itself. This makes it possible to conserve even temperature sensitive electronic components and low-melting parts.
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Packaging of goods and their conservation can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. The choice of the place of packing and storage will not affect the tightness and will not lead to deterioration of the cargo during transportation or storage.

Removal of shrink packaging takes only a few seconds and does not require additional processing, like after preservation in oil or other chemical preservatives.

New packaging from Dr. Shrink was created using a new technology that allows:

  • replace cumbersome wooden and metal containers (packing in film costs 3 times cheaper than in wooden boxes)
  • reduce transportation and storage costs – a light, compact package of wrap virtually does not increase the weight and dimensions of the cargo
  • prevent the possibility of condensate formation inside the package (when storing and transporting equipment outdoors) due to rain-proof ventilation holes
  • promptly provide the best result – packaging requires from 30 to 120 minutes.

Additional benefits of the Dr Shrink wrap

Packing in Dr. Shrink wrap is the best option for storing and transporting medical equipment: appliances, fixtures, furniture, and consumables. The wrap will reliably protect high-tech expensive products intended for diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, care for patients, and prevent damage during transportation.

It is also possible to pack various types of technological equipment: industrial, commercial, medical, telecommunications, IT equipment.