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Advanced Power has found financing of $1.3 billion for the construction of South Field Energy temple power plant, a combined cycle natural gas generator with a capacity of 1,182 MW, in the District of Columbia, Ohio, USA.

It is expected that 1000 jobs will be created during the peak of Panda temple power construction. The facility will use two GE gas turbines, each of which has a steam generator and a steam turbine recuperator. The energy will be produced in a quantity enough for 1 million houses.

Principle of operation

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The advantage is that such energy is inherently available to every inhabitant of the planet, and the state does not influence its value in any way. Such energy can be used to provide electricity to your housing, or to go the other way – to build a business on this.

For many people, solar energy and its use still remain incomprehensible until the end, so we, the experts of our business, want to explain to you the principle of network operating under the green tariff.

Energy sources

Everything that moves is the source of energy: a flying ball, a goalkeeper jumping behind the ball, the audience hugging for joy. But still the main source of energy on the planet is nature: the sun, water or wind can produce a huge amount of energy. The only question is how to make this energy work for us. Mankind has successfully solved this problem: we have learned to use the energy of nature, transforming it into electricity and thermal energy.

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We cannot live a day without electricity. The refrigerator, TV, the desk lamp, and the computer – all these devices that we use every day work only because electricity is supplied to our homes.

How do solar panels work?

Solar photovoltaic panels work by converting solar power into electricity. The process starts after excitation of electrons in silicon cells. For this, photons of light from the sun are used.

How does a thermal power plant work?

The thermal power plant uses energy from natural fuels. It is released by burning coal, natural gas, fuel oil, etc. A boiler with water is installed in the engine room. When the fuel burns, the water in the boiler heats up to several hundred degrees and turns into steam. Steam rotates the blades of the rotating steam turbine under pressure. The turbine, in turn, rotates the generator, which generates an electric current.