Pay attention to the model of cranes ETC – a worthy sample of new technology

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This crane is a gigantic ring-typed crane from a series of cranes ETC with a carrying capacity up to 3,200 tons. Crane ECT TV was created for pretty exact usage: for example, in petroleum industry, nuclear & others industries connected with engineering, in which there is a need to lift weights.

It can lift 3,200 t on up to 30 m & 1,000 t on 80 m. This model has length of a main boom equal to 130 m & an arrow of 90 m that can be installed additionally.

Curious statistics concerning this type of equipment mentions the total weight of the hook block as 105 tons & ballast up to 3,600 tons is provided from local materials in 36-40-foot containers. The whole tap may be transferred in about 135 containers of a standard size. One full turn will take about one hour.

The sizes of this model are really huge even for the representative of cranes ETC TV. It can be supplemented with several details so the main boom’s extenders are 3.3 m in length. With the raised arrow, it reaches 2.6 m & the diameter of the ring from the edge of the distributor is almost 90 cm.


The model’s produced in two very large boxes measuring 92x91x29 cm & weighing about 26 & 22 kg. Each of them has other box made by Sarens with outer fasteners. The fasteners are to be better cut off than pushed inside the box that is located from the inside, mostly because of the construction’s size.

Inside the box, the construction is thought out: the parts of the crane etc model are compacted with a layer-containing boom & attached to a cardboard base. This protects the parts well (especially if the outer side of the box has received some damage during transport), so to keep reusable attachments to pack the models, you need to apply painstaking efforts to free it.

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The package does not include any instructions. They’re provided as extras or can be downloaded. Instructions are clear & good, only there are small contradictions with the main installation scheme. There are also two bolts that are made for securing the main boom. But they are pretty short so they cannot tighten it as it should be. Nevertheless, we cannot say it’s a problem since the bolts are unlikely to move.

There’s no data about the current situation with this model’s orders, which are a possible flaw & a card of a unique design number that could give a special feeling.

It’s easy to unpack & assembly, although for performing some assembly operations, some help by no less than two men will be needed & it will take all day. The installation of the hook & boom cable takes a long time and needs real skills.

Another feature: this crane model doesn’t come with already loaded ballast. Nevertheless, the containers are empty & must be fulfilled with sand or other similar material. This is a reasonable modeled solution of WSI, which allowed reducing the weight of the packaging & it perfectly suits the whole philosophy of the creation.


For the first time this crane was shown to public in 2012 at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg & shipments began in June 2012. 500 models were produced.