The Pendle-X Euro low-loader patent

The creations of Nooteboom have always been a matter of disputes. Many companies want to get a right to apply the unique technologies. The same situation happened to their Pendle-X Euro low-loader with an excavator trough.

After a long time of juridical wrangling, Nooteboom finally managed to win the case. In 2016, the European Patent Office decided in their favor giving the company the right to use the technology. Thus, Nooteboom became the only firm with a right to bring such low-loader to the European market.

yellow front-loader near trees

The application for the patent was made in far 2005. Even during that time, the low-loader with an excavator trough was not thought to be unique. As a result, the competitors were strongly against them receiving a patent. The technologies used in the machinery were actually around. But a combination of them was not seen or even imagined before. It was the main reason for the verdict of the Appeal Board of the European Patent Office. Such situation made Nooteboom a trendsetter.

A patent itself is an exclusive right to apply an invention. Even though the monopoly is temporary, it is valuable for Nooteboom as they can at least recoup the investments and have certain profit. After this, the company can make an investment in some other innovations. As for the other parties, they also have a chance to use the technology for a fee.

As the representatives of Nooteboom claim, they will always do everything to protect their intellectual property.

Pendle-X Euro low-loader

Let’s consider some information about the vehicle. In 2016, Nooteboom continued its move to the innovations. Their vehicle with an excavator trough became more effective and versatile. By means of the machinery, it is possible to transport the excavators and the other demolition vehicles or their parts. The axle distance for the low-loaders with an excavator trough varies from 1,360 mm to 1,510 mm.

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The innovative creation immediately evoked the international interest. Several companies purchased the vehicles for their needs and made certain of their effectiveness.