Watch the most outstanding photos from an annual conference in Abu Dhabi

The best moments of the press conference

The breakbulk industry in the Middle East has a constant support from the authorities. Lots of events devoted to the transportation sector allow developing the industry and finding new ways for cooperation.

On the page, you can watch the highlights of the press conference organized by Abu Dhabi Ports. The photos presented have a high resolution, so you can see every detail. The pictures are available for download. Just select the moments you are interested in most of all. It is also possible to comment on any of the photos. On the pictures, you can see the participants and guests of the event as well as the sessions of Breakbulk Middle East.

Breakbulk press conference 2018

The press conference is one of the important parts of the Breakbulk forum organized in Abu Dhabi. In 2018, it took place at the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. The breakbulk event was scheduled for the 6th-7th of February. There were plenty of visitors and exhibitors.

The press conference was carried out on the 28th of January before Breakbulk Middle East.

Abu Dhabi Ports: general information

Abu Dhabi Ports is an organization, which plays an important role in the development of the logistics industry in the Middle East. What’s more, they provide Breakbulk Middle East with the great support.

The company understands the significance of the breakbulk direction and project cargo sector. With their support, the whole region becomes more and more prosperous every year. They are looking for new ways of the development and industrial growth. It is required to improve the infrastructure of the region in order to make it more equipped. As a result, the economies across the Middle East can become more diverse and integrated.

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Despite certain challenges, the organization is full of optimism. They hope that the Breakbulk forum is a great opportunity for cooperation and views exchange. These are the reasons why they keep supporting the occasion from year to year.

The company itself deals with the maritime trade. They have over 10 terminals and ports, which are situated in the UAE and Guinea. They are also responsible for their management and operation.

View more interesting moments from the Breakbulk press conference 2018 organized with the significant support of Abu Dhabi Ports, which was another contribution to the development of the logistics sphere in the region.