PIK-TRANSPORT implemented a project to transport

city with high rise buildings during night time

Between November 2012 and February 2013, PIK-TRANSPORT implemented a project to transport the set of outsized and heavyweight equipment for installation of the hydrogen production unit at OAO Novoil refinery, Ufa – a subsidiary of OAO Bashneft.

The set of equipment was manufactured at OAO Tambovsky Komsomolets Plant named after NS Artyomov and consisted of 18 absorbers with dimensions 9,200 х 4,120 х 4,000, weight of each – 45 tons, and three residual gas tanks sized 34,000 х 4,850 х 4,500 mm weighing 75 tons. Shipping dimensions of the laden combination carrying the tanks made 43,000 x 4,850 x 5,700 mm.

At some route sections, the weather surprised with snowfalls and snow banks. During one of the trips, even the ballast rig couldn’t help in passing Ufa’s street network on the first try. Everybody had to return to the staying point and travel to unloading point next night when the utility service providers cleaned the roads from snow with their trucks.

Also due to the large travelling height, passing of some route sections, especially in small towns and inhabited localities took many hours because of multiple low-positioned cable and power lines which had to be de-energized and hoisted.
The company’s team successfully tackled the set task.

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