A port of Malacca is to be built by the Chinese companies by 2019

PowerChina International became a contractor for the port construction in Malaysia

It was announced that Chinese companies would be responsible for the construction of $1.9 billion port ordered by KAJ.

It will be used for various water transport, such as cargo vessels and other ships, which cross the Strait of Malacca. As the main contractor for the described project, PowerChina International is selected. It is a state-owned EPC organization from China. Several other companies will also participate in the project, such as Shenzhen Yantian and Rizhao Port Groups.

As the Malaysian authorities claim, it will be a large urban and resort area, the cost of which totals $7 billion. The main port ordered from Chinese companies was called Melaka Gateway. Along with the port facilities, the firms from China will also be accountable for the construction of the non-port area. The total territory is said to cover 4 islands, some of which are manmade.

As the KAJ representatives say, the port is planned to contain the terminal and storage facilities. The latest will be used for various cargos from chemicals and petroleum to the vegetable oil. As the company says, they plan to launch the facilities by 2019. The initiation of the project was in October 2016. Such a project became a symbol of closer ties between Malaysia and China.

PowerChina International: general information

PowerChina is a company, which is run by the state. It was established in 2011 after the State Council’s approval. Today it is responsible for the control of various enterprises, which deal with electric power surveying, design, engineering, and equipment production. Among the services offered by the company, there are:

  • hydropower engineering
  • infrastructure construction (investments)
  • engineering design
  • operation control and management
  • water conservancy, etc.
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The company is aimed at the development of clear energy and new resources for the population. PowerChina is an international leader in electric power construction sphere. The company is listed among the best of Chinese and world top organizations. The firm has one of the most integrated industrial chains creating the global infrastructure/energy sources. They also participate in Belt and Road Initiative. Read more information concerning the activity of the company and its development on the official website.