Port of Varna Willing to Blend into South Stream

“We are now having active negotiations for the Port of Varna to accommodate vessels with equipment for the South Stream gas pipeline construction,” said Aleksandr Stankov, Director of Eksploatatsiya company in the port. – We are constantly in negotiations with Project Manager in Amsterdam.

By the end of June 2013, the port expects conclusion of contracts to tranship machines, parts and the most important thing – main pipes through the Port of Varna for the South Stream construction. Each of these pipes is 12.5 meters long. Onshore, the pipes will be spooled, and then support ships will deliver them to the vessel which, in its turn, will lay them on the sea bed. 200-300 people are expected to be involved in this work.

By the end of June, two new 63-ton cranes shall be delivered to the Varna West Port. In total, 3,854 million tons of cargoes have passed through the Port of Varna since the beginning of the year. These are conventional grain cargoes, containers, chemical products from Devnya plants and coal for them.

Unlike previous year, there won’t be any boom in import of wind turbines blades this year. Recession even touched upon the tourist industry – the number of cruise liners which are to call at Varna Port this year is twice less than a year ago.

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