North Carolina port authority news: the visit of congressmen became the basis for determining the upcoming policy

On the territory of New Carolina, in the area of the city Port Authority, a successful meeting with two congressmen had happened. The politicians who visited the city were Bill Shuster and David Rouzer. The main topic of discussion was the importance of how ports affect the overall economic situation within the state.

The main participants of the meeting readily confirmed and noted that now the economy is going through very active times. Right now, the economy has gained such a pace, at which the coming year can become the most successful for the state in its long history. The state management also carries out active work on preparation of the subject for innovations.

photography of building during nighttime

The most active work is carried out on technical and economic maintenance of ports. The management also said that now it is very important to ensure compliance with all modern requirements for the Cape Fair River. The importance of this task is due to the fact that now only 1,000 miles from the state border there are many consumers and large cities. All this explains the huge number of retail sales in this territory.

Congressman Shuster: the main person of the meeting

Congressman Republican Bill Shuster has been representing his constituency since 2001. He is a member of two committees of the House of Representatives – for the affairs of the Armed Forces and for transport and infrastructure. The 9th district covers the central and western parts of Pennsylvania – 15 counties with a population of about 670,000.

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Bill Shuster believes that the greatest of American presidents are those who radically changed the country’s infrastructure, and thereby contributed to the growth and development of the state’s economy. James Madison built a system of canals in a young country. Abraham Lincoln built a transcontinental railroad, connecting the eastern and western coasts of America. Teddy Roosevelt built the Panama Canal, which played a huge role in world trade and transport. Dwight Eisenhower built the state system of roads and highways, finally uniting the population, goods and services of the United States, which ensured a period of unprecedented economic growth in the country after the Second World War.

Congressman Schuster spends a lot of time and energy on providing his region with economic help, trying to guarantee funding and support for businesses and campaigns to attract them to Pennsylvania.

Politics have long been in the blood of Schuster – his father, Ye. G. Shuster, represented the same district for 20 years, until 2001, when Bill himself was elected for the first time. At the age of 48, Schuster has good relations with both generations of congressmen – those who are between 30 and 45 years old, as well as those who are already over 60. During his life, Bill studied with his father and learned much from him. A congressman is also very sociable, and this is the main quality of a successful politician. When he is in Washington, then often after work, which usually can end later than 7 PM – he goes to receptions, where he meets a lot of people from all over the world. Like many of his colleagues, Schuster is trying not to “get personal” during and after political debates, trying to maintain good relations with all colleagues.

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Identified features of North Carolina’s internal logistics

Many experts, as well as those who provide import and export, no doubt recognize the efficiency and importance of the state’s internal logistics. Important criteria are the absence of overload during operation, the increased opening and turning time of the gate, as well as an increased number of crane lifts. In a very short time, all this has made the port of Wilmington in North Carolina one of the leaders among all the ports on the East Coast.

Also, Paul Cozza noted that the ports in Charlotte and Greensboro firmly connect consumers and professional business. They are connected with the world market, their main goal – service as a kind of magnet that attracts new aspects of the industry. At the same time, there are no subsidies from taxpayers. To date, ports provide more than 76,000 ports jobs; profit is about 707 million dollars per year. Thus, the Wilmington port is one of the leaders of the shelf and significant source of tax revenue to the state budget.