Learn more about project activities and the role of Dana Rice MD

About the project

On this page of the site, you can familiarize yourself with the main staff of the company. Here are portraits and brief information about the specialists of the sales departments, as well as our agents around the world. There is also information about media people and employees who support the image of our online magazine and project, among them Dana Rice MD. Learn more about how media publications work and which of them are indirectly related to, for example, Porter magazine.

You can become a part of our company – just fill out the application form and send it to us. We will definitely consider your application as soon as possible and let you know about our decision. We will be glad to see you in our friendly ranks!

Cargo activities

blue and red cargo ship on dock during night time

Customers of the company have the opportunity to transport goods of various sizes. These can be building materials, office equipment, furniture, household appliances, industrial equipment, automotive spare parts and much more. For each cargo, a special type of transport is selected. The company’s specialists carry out all operations, starting from the receipt of the application for the target carriage of the cargo to its delivery to the recipient.

The cost of this service depends on the directions and the form of payment, and it is calculated for each client individually.

In addition to the listed services of targeted cargo transportation, the company has the opportunity to use effective technologies for the transportation and storage of goods at reasonable prices. Consignors are provided with qualified advice free of charge.

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Porter – new magazine Net-A-Porter

The company’s second magazine after The Edit. When information about the launch of the Net-A-Porter print project appeared on the network in February of this year, it was not only The Edit weekly but also about “a more serious publication, ready to become a competitor to Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.” Then they wrote that they plan to publish it no more often than 4-6 times a year since the fall of 2013.

Autumn came, and the magazine was never put into print. But they announced its name – The Porter, and said that it would be dedicated to “people with excellent style.” Lucy Yeomans, Porter magazine contact, the editor-in-chief and international content director of Net-A-Porter, the former editor of Harper’s Bazaar UK, was appointed to the position of its chief editor.

“The name Porter is strong, witty, elegant, and intelligent, oriented towards a modern female audience and seemingly timeless,” says Lucy Yeomans.

It will be issued six times a year. Its price has not yet been named but they promised that the first issue would be in February 2014. By the subscription, the magazine will be available in any country of the world.