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Turbine transportation

Turbines are devices used to convert the energy of steam, gas, wind water into mechanical work, designed to generate electricity. They are distinguished by considerable mass and dimensions. Transportation of turbines is a non-trivial task. As a rule, it requires the development of a special project that includes a detailed study of the route, preparation of infrastructure facilities (raising bridges, building roads, moorings, etc.).

Often this kind of transportation is multimodal using several types of transport (sea, river, railway).

Turbine transportation by road

gray turbulent

When organizing the transportation of turbines by road, the following factors are taken into account:

  • trawl for transportation of the turbine is required based on its carrying capacity. It is important to take into account the permissible axle loads, on which their quantity depends. In many cases, to prevent the turbine from shaking along the road, a trawl with air or hydraulic suspension is required. To the greatest extent, these requirements are met by modular trawls consisting of individual interconnected carriages
  • you may need a trawl with a small loading height, for example, 0.3-0.5 m. If the height of the road train exceeds 4.5 m, then this will require measures such as escorting the covering machines and lifting the wires of the power lines
  • if the dimensions (L x W x H) of a train with a load exceed 20 x 2.55 x 4 m; a special permit is required; if the width is more than 3.5 m, then cover vehicles are also required
  • the turbine should be securely fixed, its stability should be ensured on the trawl.
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Conditions at the place of loading/unloading should allow you to freely leave or enter the trawl with cargo. You also need to examine the site area of the object, which runs the route of the trawl (all obstacles must be eliminated).

There may be requirements for temperature conditions (due to sensitive electronics) in which transportation, loading and unloading operations are permissible.

When carrying out loading/unloading by crane, the scheme of crane’s turning with cargo must be strictly followed. There should be no obstacles that can hit the boom crane.