Learn what the hydraulic ramps for trailers are

Hydraulic ramps or a mobile loading rack is an inclined platform that is used in warehouses not equipped with a ramp, that is, where it is necessary to carry out loading directly from the ground.

Mobile loading rack

Hydraulic ramps for trailers, in fact, are a bridge that allows the loader to get direct access to the body of the car. The advantage given by the loading dock is that, with the help of a forklift, it can be moved to any location in the warehouse where it is necessary. Such a loading ramp makes it possible to perform any loading and unloading operations by only one person while saving time and reducing labor costs. Lowering, lifting, and adjusting the height difference in such a mobile ramp are performed using a hydraulic system with a manual or electric drive, which is equipped with a security system.

Design Features

Structurally, this loading rack is made of two bearing side beams, ramps, and entry. The middle and upper parts of such a ramp are equipped with grids that provide high grip on the wheels of the loader, and water flows through them. The hydraulic station, mounted in the central part of the ramp controls two hydraulic cylinders with which the required height difference is set.

Such a mobile overload device can be equipped with either hydraulic or mechanical drives, the kind of which you can choose based on the tasks that need to be solved with such a mobile ramp. The main requirements that such a flyover platform must meet are safety and reliability requirements. Therefore, before acquiring such a necessary device in the warehouse, you need to make sure, first of all, the reliability and integrity of the manufacturer and supplier of such products, familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the ramp, and if possible, get acquainted with the opinion of those who have already used similar products of this manufacturer in their work. Also, it is desirable that the supplier of this warehouse equipment can provide warranty and post-warranty service and repair.

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Remember that only observing the safety rules and the right operating conditions one can achieve a productive, uninterrupted, and long-term flow of the work process.