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A unique event for the transportation sector

Breakbulk is a special occasion for the whole Middle East region. During the logistics forum, the specialists and guests can participate in the discussions, case studies, analysis, skill-building sessions, and various networking facilities. As a result, the logistics sphere can develop in a right direction. Besides, it is possible to know, what is going on in the Middle East now and what the prospects of the infrastructure development are.

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Breakbulk events are always devoted to:

  • freight forwarding
  • water transportations
  • air transportations
  • road transport
  • heavy lifting, etc.

To point the definition of breakbulk, we should say it is connected with heavy or general cargo, which should be loaded individually. The breakbulk point is the location, where the products are transferred from one type of transport to another.

The latest news in the Middle East: Breakbulk 2018

The event of 2018 was organized at the Abu Dhabi Convention Center. It was scheduled for the 6th-7th of February. The tickets for the shippers and other attendants were to get beforehand. Thus, the preliminary registration was required.

During the conference, the GCC Middle East representatives showed their support for projects development and not just for the oil industry. The key aim of the event was to find new partners and build stronger cooperation with project owners.

The program of the forum had several highlights:

  • the supply chain for the industrial products (discussed by such participants as Bertling Logistics Inc., BBC Chartering, Panalpina, etc.)
  • projects handling in the post-conflict areas (discussed by SNC Lavalin, Agility, and other firms)
  • the plans of GCC countries, etc.
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The prices for the tickets for Breakbulk Middle East were $250 for 1 day and $350 for 2 days. It was vital to reserve the place in order to participate in the event.

Besides, it was possible to become a member of the VIP Shippers Club. To join them or ask any questions you are concerned about, contact Valerie Cox. She is the Ambassador of the VIP Shippers Club.

As for the agenda of the forum, it contained many essential issues for the development of logistics sphere. There were plenty of guests from different parts of the world. There are more facts about the conference and the registration, which are always available on