Capital of Mexico – Remedios de Mexico

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Heavy rainfall on Wednesday has become the reason for severe floods that were noticed in the capital of Mexico, Mexico. In some parts of the city (Remedios de Mexico) fell about 70 mm of precipitation, as announced by the Mexico News Daily.

Due to Rio de Los Remedios, at least 120 houses have been flooded, the streets have turned into rivers & some cars have even completely submerged. Nine metro stations were closed, as water flooded the tunnels on the lines & although the pumps worked at full capacity, they could not cope, as a result of which it was decided to suspend the service.

Scale of incident

mountain peak during daytime

Also, as a result of intense rainfall, the river Rio de Los Remedios (tom Remedios) emerged from the shores, causing flooding in the municipalities Naucalpan & Ecatepec. Los Remedios is one of the popular tourist areas of the city of Seville. Offering a wide range of attractions, Los Remedios never ceases to amaze the tourists. Seville is a beautiful city that is famous for its excellent restaurants, shopping markets & stunning entertainment centers.

The authorities launched an emergency response team for natural disasters. Some families were evacuated to a temporary shelter in a public hospital in Naucalpan.

2,000 civil servants were involved in the liquidation of the consequences of bad weather, who were notified in various ways, including Los Rio Gmail.


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