Reserve logistics as a new way of making the services better

For the modern logistics sphere, reserve logistics is a common thing. More and more companies pay attention to this issue. Reverse logistics refers to preparing, applying, and controlling backward flows of the materials.

It concerns the inventory, process of the package, and the goods themselves (from the production to the distribution and disposal). However, it is not all, what this logistics is about. The concept is connected with the remanufacturing and refurbishing activities. Reserve logistics deals with the control of sales surplus and returned goods. In short, this ‘logistics’ is concerned with the supply chain when speaking about the move of the goods backwards. The key thing is to either gain the greatest value of the product or properly recycle it.

Advantages of reserve logistics

To understand all about reserve logistics, it’s vital to know the reasons for its popularity. There are certain positive moments connected with the concept:

  • Better satisfaction of the clients. With the help of such an approach, it is possible to improve the experience of the clients, retrain their loyalty, and protect the trademark. It’s important to make the customer glad not just before and in the process of the delivery but also after it.
  • Environmental impact. Today energy consumption of the companies, pollutions, and carbon footprint of the supply chain become a great concern. Thus, the reduction of waste is an important thing for the community. For this, firms keep raising corporate responsibility.
  • Profit. Some people think that reserve logistics is connected with great expense. The truth is that it can save your money and allow using untapped opportunities instead of carrying useless inventory.
  • Corporate image. The fashion of going ‘green’ might be useful for you. Reserve logistics deals with recycling and refurbishing. As a result, the company can get certain kudos and improve the reputation.
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Tuscor Lloyds: a reserve logistics pioneer

TL is a company dealing with the advantages of aftermarket care. They support their clients in the organization of supply chains and offer a lifecycle support. The main direction is to transport various equipment to various parts of the world. The company cooperates mostly with gas & oil sectors. Tuscor Lloyds offers return shipments, loads transportation to the customers, and the return of the materials/vehicles back (which might be done in the same delivery).