Find out all about the rest in Switzerland

Holidays in Switzerland. At any time of the year, it is a synonym for quality, excellent service, and not wasting money. Switzerland as a tourist destination is not that famous as other neighboring European countries – at least the next France, Germany, and Italy. The noisy crowds of tourists would only damage or destroy the fragile and charming atmosphere of this European country with a rich and glorious history, carefully preserved traditions and noble, rather than pompous, dignity.

Sargans in Switzerland

Switzerland is a universal direction. Whatever propensities tourists have, this country is guaranteed to find a leisure for them. This is confirmed by the frequency with which Switzerland flashes in the catalogs of tour operators. An interesting excursion program? Sargans in Switzerland, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, and Geneva can boast with an amazing number of attractions for such a small country, historical, cultural, and natural. Ski resorts? For every taste: high-society and democratic, located at the foothills of the Alps and high altitude, the usual ones and on the glacier, where you can ride at the height of the summer heat. Rest on the lakes? Please – Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, and Maggiore – each with a mass of cozy resort towns, a string of spa hotels and a rich cultural life in the kit. Treatment? Here you can find the most steadfast attention to the client, curative air and miraculous mineral waters. Finally, shopping in addition to the obvious quality (who doesn’t know the Swiss watch?!) can be beneficial here – for this purpose, it is worth to go to Switzerland during New Year’s sales or visit the largest outlet “Foxtown” with more than 250 stores of famous brands.

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Surprisingly, one of the most attractive places for diving in the world is in Switzerland – the purest river of Verzasca, at the bottom of which you can watch the stones of all conceivable colors for hours, and admire the almost undistorted stratum of water and the coastal life.

Summertime in Switzerland

Switzerland in the summer is slightly inferior in the tourist population to the winter season – but not because of the fact that there is nothing to do from May to September – the Alps are a too tasty piece for skiers from around the world. Summer Switzerland gives the tourist a comfortable and not-hot beach holiday on the picturesque beaches of any of 16 lakes of the country, excellent conditions for excursions even though days have an average temperature between +22…+26 °C and a lot of opportunities for active pursuits – from hiking to climbing, mountain biking, and even diving.