Results of transporters forum

On May 15 of this year, according to the frameworks of One-Way Cooperation Forum, this event of the international scale was held in Beijing. Kazakhstan’s government representative has signed the investment agreement with COSCO Corporation, which is widely known all over the world, and Lianyungang Port on the cooperative development of the Khorgos Eastern Gate free economic zone. Chinese investors are going to jointly purchase 49% of shares of Dry Port of Khorgos Gateway. The involvement of all the partners of international logistics are to give more impetus to the development of the FEZ “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” & to make a large regional hub for the consolidation & distribution of cargo flows connecting Asia & Europe.

The signing of the agreement

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Khorgos Eastern Gate will be a part of the system of global logistics services that COSCO Shipping provides & will ensure the connection of Kazakh transit corridors with the international logistics network. The signed agreement has a target of continuing the development of cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan & the People’s Republic of China in the transport & logistics area that facilitates the integration of Chinese specialists of the Silk Road into the Kazakhstan’s project named “Nurly Zhol”. The signing ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister for Investment & Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Mayor of Lianyungang City Xiang Xiaolong.

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The work of COSCO in the ports

COSCO Shipping is the world’s largest operator & the exclusive provider of logistics services. The corporation has more than 1,100 transport vessels with a total capacity of over 1.6 million containers. They operate more than 300 international & domestic marine routes connecting more than 250 seaports in almost 80 countries. The port of Lianyungang is the largest sea harbor in China in the Yellow Sea, which is one of the 30 largest ports in the world with a handling capacity of over 200 million tons & five million containers a year.