Installation of a revolutionary new turbine in Alaska

Conventional wind turbines, which are installed on land or at sea on a high mast, are perhaps the most recognizable type of wind power generation device & wind turbine erector jobs is a viable method of producing clean renewable energy.

Wind turbines have several limitations, for example, the wind that’s closer to the ground can sometimes be unstable – slow or gusty – it directly affects the output power of wind turbines.

While land-based wind turbines remain an actual technology for clean electricity, the future of low-cost wind power for remote areas can be found in high altitude wind turbines (HAWTs) that’re located high above the ground where they can use stronger & more persistent winds.

Company’s reaction: wind turbine erectors

The wind energy company announced that its demonstration project, which goal’s to break the world record of accommodation of a wind turbine at the highest altitude, is already installed in Alaska.

The project, partially funded by the Alaska Energy Authority’s Emerging Energy Technology Fund, is going to be the first long-term demonstration of an air turbine of this type. Currently, it’s located on the south of Fairbanks in central Alaska.

Located at an altitude of 1,000 feet, the pilot-scale project will be located more than 275 feet higher than the current record holder of the highest placement of the wind turbine.

Power output

The power of the turbine’s 30 kW. It creates enough energy to provide 12 houses with it. According to the company, this is just the beginning. It can also feed communications equipment, such as cellular radio transmitters, meteorological instruments or other sensitive equipment. The company assures that additional equipment doesn’t affect the performance of the turbine.

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It seems that the new phase of wind energy development’s already very close & soon we’ll be able to observe “flocks” of hovering giants providing us with homeliness, communication, production & everything that’s impossible without electricity.