Learn more about the revolutionary ring crane produced by Mammoet

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The main activity of the company MAMMOET LLC is the execution of works by cranes, as well as the transportation of extra-heavy loads by means of modular trailers.

The company carries out successful projects in the field of installation and transportation of large-sized and heavy equipment. To carry out the installation of heavyweight & oversized equipment, the company uses the material and technical base of MAMMOET.

The Mammoet crane produced by Mammoet from the Netherlands is used to install large-block, heavy equipment at nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy, and other construction sectors. In recent years, cranes with a heavy-duty mode have been actively used to install equipment for wind power plants.

The Mammoet cranes belong to a new generation of cranes on the Twin Platform Ring (Containerized Twin Ring) (PTC). Maximum load capacity is 1,600 tons per 18 m.

The double ring base of the cranes varies in diameter from 30 to 41 m. The double boom and components of the cranes fit into standard ship containers, which are further used as ballast boxes.

Preparation of ring crane for work on the construction site takes from three to six weeks.


The model of this crane is a second version of the machine, which was used in the construction of the dome lantern (the uppermost part of the dome in the form of an octagon).

This crane, in addition to the swiveling boom, also had a winch and gear that allowed lifting and positioning loads inside the diameter of the base platform. The movement of the crane was possible thanks to the wheels located in the lower and central parts of the ring of the basic platform.

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Crane construction

In cranes with a non-revolving tower, the boom is attached to the swivel head connected to the console, which carries the counterweight. The length of the console is usually from 0.25 to 0.3 of the boom length, and in some cranes with a truck trolley, reaches up to 0.6 of the boom length. The console is usually made in the form of a flat frame. For a long lengths – in the form of a farm.

In all cases, it is necessary to ensure that the attendants can pass through the console, for which purpose a path guarded by handrails is laid. Often, winches and a turning mechanism are installed on the console.

In the case of heavy-duty cranes, it is planned to close the mechanisms with walls and roofing.

When calculating counterweights, in addition to vertical loads, it is necessary to take into account horizontal loads from wind and inertia forces acting perpendicularly to the suspension plane.

If the counterweight is suspended from the bottom, the eccentricity of the lateral forces application should be taken into account.

The turn tower of the crane rests on a platform, rotating relatively to the running frame. The platform is equipped with mechanisms, electric equipment, and a counterweight.