New design of the rotor strand jack is ideal for working with large loads

The famous in the whole world company Enerpac Jacks has launched a new version of the cable car, which has a large carrying capacity of up to 450 tons. This design is unique and, in general, the only one of its kind at the moment. Also, among its features is a rotating installation.

With this equipment, carriers can much faster and easier not only to lift, but also to turn turbines in the process of assembling power plants.

The main function of the company is the installation of new equipment. Cargoes are transported using trailers that are located in parallel to the station. That is why it is so important to turn them around. Otherwise, the assembly process slows down considerably and becomes more complicated.

What you want to know about Enerpac Jacks

Enerpac is one of the most well-known companies in the market of creating hydraulic tools, as well as products and inventing solutions with controlled effort for exact transportation of big loads. It makes products, starting with the tiny hydraulic cylinder and ending with enormous computers lifting and positioning systems. The main goal is to provide all the customers with the best line of products and accessories that are able to maximize strength – increase the level of productivity and make the working process more safe and easy to use.

Learn more about jack strand hardware

The ability of the rotor is amazing: it can lift loads of 15 meters; its design includes four modular supports and rod nests weighing 200 tons. At the same time on each beam, there is a separate socket, and steel threads are used as connections.

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According to the director of the company, the design itself successfully combines strength and the ability to rotate without risks. This can be called a new word in lifting systems.

As for the company itself, it is engaged in the production of equipment throughout the world: today, the company has 28 offices in 22 countries.