Russian airline delivered a large cargo

By the order of a large customer, the company transported a huge amount of Evatec thin film ABC coating. Also, the company transported large wooden boxes with film coating machine tools. The route was made from Europe to Asia through the Pacific Ocean. We remind that the company has been involved in air cargo transportation for a long time and has a very delicate approach to the transportation of even large and very fragile cargoes. That is why many customers prefer this particular Russian airline, which has already won an excellent reputation in the market. A lot of transportation not only for equipment but also for animals was made at the company’s expense. Let’s talk about this below in the article.

Employee feedback

blue and white airplane in mid air

“Transportation of such a delicate cargo again confirms the professionalism of our airline in dealing with special cargoes. The best reward is the trust of the clients to ABC as an expert in this field. Joining the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies allows AirBridgeCargo to successfully absorb the unique cargo transportation experience accumulated over the 20-year period of the Group’s operations on the air transportation market,” said Tatiana Arslanova, Executive President of AirBridgeCargo.

On the eve of the May holidays, AirBridgeCargo carried out another unique transportation: it brought marine animals from Moscow to Beijing: two beluga whales and four dolphins. Two belugas weighing 5,500 kg were delivered to the capital of China by a regular flight on the route Moscow-Beijing. Less than a day later, along the same route, four dolphins weighing 8,000 kg were sent to China. Transportation of marine animals was carried out according to world technologies, in accordance with ICAO requirements and standards. Beluga whales and dolphins traveled in special water-filled containers accompanied by a trainer. The service of unusual cargo at the airport Sheremetyevo was carried out by the partner of the airline, airport in Moscow.

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General summary

For five years of successful history, AirBridgeCargo transported various animals: Akhal-Teke racehorses from Russia to China, 105 elite horses from Amsterdam to Moscow, 1,275 pigs from Montreal to Vladivostok, as well as bears, giraffe, elephant, and whale. Now a number of its “passengers” was replenished by belugas and dolphins.