Saudi International Logistics replaces Al Tayyar travel group

Al Tayyar being both logistics and travel company made a decision to rebrand itself for the cargo services. The segment of the firm was called Saudi International Logistics. Thus, the company was divided into 2 parts. They also appointed a new CEO for the SIL. Andre Verdier became the one, who took the leading position.

The key aim of such a solution is to open two distribution centers not far from the most important main airports of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh and Jeddah. As the new Chief Executive claimed, it was the first step to make the logistic network stronger and to improve their facilities and infrastructure in the Gulf region. CEO also announced that they had signed several agreements about cooperation with WACO (a global logistic network). It is vital to mention that the former Al Tayyar company itself is also a WACO-member.

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According to the announcement of Abdullah AlDawood (the Chief Executive of Al Tayyar Group), the initiation of the rebranding and firm reconstruction was provoked by the striving for the development and expansion of the supply chain and logistics services of the company.

Al Tayyar Group: general information

The company under consideration was established in 1980 as a tiny travel agency. That time, the number of staff was not more than 4 people. It was situated at the very heart of Riyadh’s business center. Strong direction to the development and growth throughout its history led the company to the top. Today they are known as a leader in the sphere of travel, tourism, and logistics. The company is internationally known. The offices are located inside and outside the country. The number of workers exceeds 3,000 people for today.

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The key purpose of the company is to reach the international excellence in their segments. They keep exploring the global market and finding the most effective solutions, which can improve their services. Such principles allowed Al Tayyar deserving national and international recognition. They have plenty of various awards, such as LUFTHANSA’s award in Appreciation of Valuable Support, Saudi Arabian Airlines’ award for the Highest Sales Performance, etc. Not just companies but also governmental bodies appreciate their work.

The decision for rebranding will allow developing every direction of their work better leading to more outstanding results and new awards. More information is accessible on