Self-Erection Mode


blue and red ship on sea under blue sky during daytimeThe latest technology of rigging and lifting of OOG super-heavy equipment was implemented within the frame of Syzran refinery upgrade (Rosneft Oil Company). The 600-ton reactors were lifted and mounted into permanent position by SpetsTyazhAvtoTrans Group using a B-SET system (Self erection tower).

This modular structure allows prompt installation of equipment weighing up to 1,600 tons with a height of up to 100 meters in a jack-up mode. The lifting and installation system is unique. At present there are only two such systems in the world. One of them is operated in America, and another one is responsible for the highest level of engineering technologies in Russia. Demand for new heavy-lift technology has been brought about by a new turn of oil processing industry development in Russia. Implementation of the State program aimed at the upgrade of industry-related production facilities, higher oil conversion ratio and switching to production of high-quality pollution-free fuel Euro-5 gave a specific impetus to development of domestic engineering companies and their conversion to world-class technologies. In particular, delivering and lifting extra heavy items in confined conditions of plant reconstruction are impossible to carry out using common lifting practices.

New design, technological and engineering solutions are needed. In September the reporters for the first time ever could witness how the 600-ton column was lifted to the height of 40 meters and mounted into design position to a precision of a millimeter. The lifting system is controlled by SpetsTyazhAvtoTrans Group specialists by means of the most accurate remote computer equipment.

You may recall that the mounted units had been delivered to Syzran Oil Refinery site in November 2013. Two reactors weighing 550 tons each had been supplied to the custom-built quay. A complex of hydraulic engineering structures and utilities had been built between the quay and the municipal road to carry the bulk items, taking into consideration great elevation differences, as well as to reconstruct the roadside overpasses.

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Already this year SpetsTyazhAvtoTrans Group has delivered a reactor and a cold high-pressure separator to the refinery for the diesel fuel hydrotreater under construction. The unit is designed for removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and other impurities in order to boost the diesel fuel cetane number and bring its environmental specifications in compliance with the Euro-5 standard.

The reactor weighs 400 tons; it is 36 meters long and 4.5 meters in diameter. The separator weight comes up to 345.5 tons, length – 26.5 meters, diameter – about 4.5 meters. The cargo was shipped at first by sea and then by river transport and traveled 4,000 kilometers from the Port of Ortona, Adriatic Sea, to the Volga in 45 days. The units were taken from the Volga quay in Syzran and hauled on special-purpose SPMTs to the diesel fuel hydrotreater construction site at the Syzran refinery. The operation was performed together with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Samara Oblast and the Kuybyshev Railway, since the route crossed its railway tracks.