The latest generation of semi low-loaders from Nooteboom

In 2015, Nooteboom released their new low-loaders of the MANOOVR Multi-PL generation. The vehicles received plenty of advantages in comparison with all the existent variations of abnormal transport.

The PL trailers of the generation are produced with 3-10 axles. The load floor can be single, double or even triple extendible, while the gooseneck varied from 20 to 30 tonnes. The width of the vehicles is available in the variations of 2,550 and 2,750 mm. What’s more, being at least 12 tonnes per axle line, it is the only exception for the application in the European countries.

The series was presented in October of 2015 during the BedrijfsautoRAI event and became the center of attention at the Nooteboom’s stand.

The advantages of the generation

The manufacturer claims that the new line has many improvements. The vehicles have the following characteristics:

  • the suspension travel of 500 mm (compared to the machinery with independent suspension, which has higher maintenance costs, when limited vertical travel causing damages to the loader and excessive tire wear, MANOOVR offers twice more suspension travel and does not possess any of the enumerated disadvantages, it is also a wonderful compensation for the bumps on the road)
  • the steering angle of 70 degrees and minimal tire wear (such solution improves maneuverability and comfort for a driver; for the adjustment of the steering, there is a lock pin above the floor)
  • low maintenance costs (thanks to the fewer pivots in the steering and suspension)
  • the tires last for 300,000 km (the change of the tires usually takes the greatest part of the total cost, the wheels of the new MANOOVR stay in the same position in any situation, which allows saving tens of thousands of Euros).
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The renovations touched every small detail of the trailer making it a perfect choice for the heavy transportation compared to any other types of machinery.

According to one of the new MANOOVR designers, they did everything to give the customers the best specifications on the key points.