Semi low-loaders with the hydraulic steering components

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Nooteboom managed to impress the heavy-duty transportation sector once again. Their transporters with the hydraulic steering are considered to be an effective solution with additional advantages.

There are 2 versions of the trailers:

  • MCOS loaders
  • MCO loaders.

MCOS series

The vehicles are created within the framework of SMART program. The outstanding features of the transporters include their self-tracking axles and hydraulic steering. The latest is offered for all the trailers of the series. Among the advantages of the creation, it is vital to say about the maneuverability. It is achieved by means of the steering angle, which totals 45 degrees. Thus, the trailer is able to reach the places with the difficult access. The other pros of the product are:

  • low dead weight
  • impressive load capacity
  • multi functionality
  • ease of operation
  • durability
  • low maintenance cost.

Let’s look at the characteristics of the vehicles:

  • number of axles: 3/4
  • load floor: single extendable/fixed
  • loaded floor height: 86 cm
  • load floor width: 2,520 mm
  • variation of suspension: air
  • possible axle load: 9/10 tonnes per axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,360 mm.

There is also manual steering with the remote control offered for the trailers.

MCO series

The vehicles are famous for their maneuverability and low maintenance cost. The latest is achieved by the little tire wear. The trailers are equipped with the self-tracking axles and hydraulic steering. Among the other advantages, there are:

  • the possibility to meet the specific requirements
  • the opportunity to transport windmill tower sections (thanks to the V-shaped load floor).
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The low-loaders can have various characteristics:

  • number of axles: 2-8
  • load floor: single/double/triple extendable
  • loaded floor height: 78-98 cm
  • gooseneck: fixed/adjustable
  • variation of suspension: air/hydro-pneumatic
  • possible axle load: 8/10/12 tonnes per axle
  • the distance between the axles: 1,360/1,510/1,810 mm.

There are also many application-oriented options offered.