Semi-submersible transport vessels

It all started with projects on non-self-propelled barges. Assistants in this became large ships carrying loads worth millions of dollars. There are specialized oceanic vessels “Mighty Servant1” and “Mighty Servant3” in the arsenal of the corporation for oversized cargoes. “Super Servant3”, “Super Servant4” and “Yacht Express” are for transportation of yachts. Other equally complex works are done using transport ships “Blue Marlin”, “Black Marlin”, “Transshelf”, “Transporter” and others.

Such vessels have a narrow specialization. Semi-submersible transport vessels are designed for moving large, extremely heavy loads, such as sections of offshore platforms and oil platforms, submarines, cranes, ships, moorages and the like. Moreover, loading and unloading of goods are made independently, without additional cranes.

Examples of Semi-Submersible Ships

Perhaps the most popular of all Dockwise Shipping ships was the semi-submersible Blue Marlin built in 2000. The transportation of the damaged destroyer “USS Cole” (b/n DDG-67) to the native American port brought fame to transport in 2004, after the terrorist attack on the warship. When the leadership of the US Navy decided to hire a specialized vessel to deliver the wrecked ship, its dimensions had to be slightly increased. The work was done at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea.

Another bright representative of a series of semisubmersible vessels is the transport “Black Marlin”. This is a most powerful cargo ship, different from other ships. It has a special capacity for lifting truly huge cargoes. In 2005, this semi-submersible transport vessel transported the refinery to its construction site. Transportation of such a platform was a very difficult task for the captain and his crew, but they coped with it perfectly.

Each transported cargo on such vessels is insured. After the test and verification and as the customer has issued a special certificate – only after that, the company’s agent requests permission to send a cargo.

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