Seminar in Montevideo

In Montevideo, there was a seminar and a workshop in Montecon. At the end of August an interesting seminar entitled “In the Company” was held at the port. The event was attended by 25 people. Subjects of the seminar and accompanying master classes – “Heavy transport and loading work.” Within the framework of the event, several public speeches and interesting master classes for active participants of the event were held.

More about Montevideo

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Montevideo – the capital and the largest city of Uruguay – is located on the shores of the Rio de la Plata. Almost half the population of all Uruguay lives here.

The legend says that one of the seafarers saw a hilly land ahead and screamed “Monte vide eu!” (“I see a hill!”). This is how the city got its name.

In Montevideo, you can identify several areas that are not similar to each other. The main cultural and architectural monuments are concentrated in the Old Town. The new city is a business district, wide and straight streets, which have glass skyscrapers built. Here are banks, ministries, hotels.

In the northeast is the resort area of the city. White beaches and the famous promenade of Montevideo are known all over the world.

Montevideo is a fabulous city. It admires with the whimsical mixture of architectural styles, wonderful parks, and gardens and, of course, a welcoming atmosphere.

Climate and weather

The city of Montevideo is located in a zone of humid oceanic and subtropical climate. Summer (December to March) is usually warm and humid, the air warms up to +23/+25 °C. A light breeze blows from the sea, so the heat is ok even for newcomers.

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From April to May, autumn lasts. Then comes the windy winter (June – September). The average July temperature is +10 °C.

Several times a year, the sky is covered with black clouds and suddenly a torrential rain begins, a strong wind rises. But it is not necessary to be frightened: such hurricanes are usually short-lived.

The amount of precipitation does not exceed 1,000 mm per year. The greater number of them falls between June and September.

The peak of the tourist season in Montevideo is in November – March.



Montevideo is a green city. There are many public gardens, parks, boulevards. All of them are famous for their variety of shrub and tree species. These trees were brought here from Europe – eucalyptus, pine, oak.

Landscape of Montevideo

Prado Park is famous for its flower gardens. In this natural reserve of roses alone, there are more than eight hundred varieties.

In the suburbs of Montevideo are the famous Uruguayan vineyards.

Business Climate

Economic stability, good attitude towards foreigners, excellent service and infrastructure, and lack of corruption – all make Montevideo a very attractive city for investors.

The tax burden on foreigners here is minimal. Revenues received from abroad are not taxed or disclosed.

Most often, foreigners invest in real estate, entertainment complexes, restaurants. In the tourist season, this business brings a significant income.