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About the project

Ship Management International is well known all around the world global project. For many years, it enjoyed success and fame in plenty of countries. At the same time, the project itself is not only a recognizable logo but also a high degree of responsibility for everything that happens in open water. Below you can learn about special rules that have been developed to ensure safety and correct behavior in an international format.

Set of rules

This manual on searching & rescuing at sea has been prepared by experts from IMO and the ICAO & it’s an internationally recognized & accepted guide in the abovementioned company in the provision of searching and helping services at open water.

According to the specifics of the global system of ASD, the instruction is collected & divided into 3 various books. The main aim of this instruction consists in assisting states in searching processes and rescuing at sea and obligations of states that they accepted in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation Sea and SOLAS commitments. This manual (instruction) provides a common approach for aviation and ships in the organization and provision of services for ATS.

All participants are encouraged to create and make their search and rescue services better, to cooperate with neighboring states, and to consider their services in the mentioned sphere as a part of a worldwide search and rescue system.

Each book of the Manual is written taking into account the specific tasks of the search and rescue system and can be used as an independent document or, for a complete picture of the CAP system, in conjunction with two other books.

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Book 1 – “Organization and Management” is about the main idea of a global searching and rescuing system, creating & improving national search as well as its regional aspect & rescue systems, cooperating together with neighboring states & ensuring an efficient and economical search and rescue service.

Book 2 – “Coordination Tasks” provides assistance to personnel in planning and coordinating operations for search and rescue.

Book 3 – “Mobile Means” – should be on board of air and sea rescue vessels, assist them in conducting a search, rescue, coordination of actions and on the mobile rescue means in the case of emergency situations.

More information can be found on the Web. The company warns of the need for a responsible attitude to behavior in potentially dangerous situations.