Shipping by air with Erickson S64

Big deal

Erickson transport has made a successful deal with Rokstad: according to the contract, Erickson, as an airline company, will help transport Rokstad’s large equipment. All works will be performed in North America, British Columbia. The total weight of the cargo exceeds 7.500 tons – large Erickson S64 aircraft and special equipment will be used for the work.

Erickson & Rokstad power

white air plane wing

It is enough to recall only some Swedish companies, such as IKEA, Saab, Volvo, Ericsson, to make sure that local products are actively exported to countries around the world. Given the variety of goods and a large number of markets, the most convenient way to deliver local products is air transportation from Sweden.

Air transportation from Sweden can significantly save the time needed to start selling products or putting them into production, as well as to reduce shipping costs.

In terms of reliability, air delivery is out of competition, compared to other modes of transportation. For this reason, it is actively used by those suppliers who are important, not only speed but also guarantees the safety of cargo on the road. If you need to deliver cargo from Sweden by air, Erickson offers you favorable transportation conditions.

Cargo delivery in the companies is accomplished with the assistance of leading international air carriers. This allows to enlist their support and ensure accurate deadlines. In addition, the use of modern air equipment by partners makes it possible to solve the most complex cargo tasks – the transportation of valuable and fragile cargo.

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At Erickson, you will find not just a delivery of goods, but a whole range of activities ensuring the reliability and speed of transportation. Depending on the delivery conditions, the specialists, together with foreign partners, organize the collection of cargo from the sender, booking the departure, preparing the accompanying documentation (airway bill, insurance policy, export declaration or ATA Carnet passport), select the most suitable flight from a number of similar offers. As a result, with Erickson, you will save your time, finances and efforts.

With Erickson, airfreight and cargo delivery from Sweden are always under your control. You can at any time request information about the whereabouts of the goods and obtain accurate and timely data.