See the most significant issues touched during Breakbulk Americas 2016

Breakbulk 2016: agenda and program of the conference

Breakbulk Americas 2016 appeared to be a large event, traditionally organized at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, the state of Texas. The program of the forum was very interesting for the representatives of the logistics industry. There were plenty of lectures, seminars, discussions, business runs, educational workshops, technical zones, etc. The conference started on the 26th of September and lasted for four days (until the 29th of September).

The attendants discussed several important issues concerning the following topics:

  • logistics talent drain
  • oil and gas investments
  • rail bridge systems
  • marketing exposure
  • supply and demand balance
  • the challenges of procurement, and others.

The conference helped various specialists in the industry work more effectively and find solutions, which are more efficient. They could review their strategy and share their great experience with other companies.

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Among the attendants of the Breakbulk event, there were:

  • specialized carriers
  • sea carriers
  • sponsors
  • ports’ directors
  • ship owners
  • freight forwarders
  • cargo owners
  • road and railways transporters
  • equipment suppliers, etc.

Besides the exhibition facilities, the participants could take advantages of advertising and sponsorship.

The following people were among the organizers:

  • R. Janusauskas (advert sales)
  • Ch. Thompson (the forum’s main organizer and director)
  • G. Melo (the sales manager of the event)
  • K. Pinson (the manager of sales).

Breakbulk event: general information

Breakbulk Americas is a forum, which is carried out every year. It is devoted to the sphere of logistic. The representatives of various fields of the sphere visit the conference to share their knowledge as well as find something new to improve their strategy.

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The forum is always organized in Houston. The event appeared to be so effective and popular that other parts of the world decided to carry out the corresponding conferences. Thus, the annual Breakbulk events take place in:

  • the United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • the Russian Federation
  • Europe
  • Malaysia
  • Germany, and other large countries.

The international and local companies visit the conference to find new connections for cooperation.

More information about the events in various countries is available on the official website.