SMART program of Nooteboom

The creation of the program by Nooteboom is aimed at achieving high efficiency and great possibilities of the vehicles. The low-loaders are able to transport loads of various weights, while the dead weight is as low as possible. Such solution makes them multifunctional. The running costs are minimal for the machinery as well. Thus, the vehicles under discussion are considered to be a perfect ratio of possibilities and prices. The prices for the low-loaders are also moderate.

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The vehicles of the program were designed for both professional and private transport operators. For the development of the machinery, Nooteboom used the most advanced technologies and methods as well as A-brand elements.

The key characteristics of the new low-loaders

There are two models of vehicles presented within the SMART program. They are OSDS self-steering semi low-loaders and the MCOS vehicles with hydraulic steering. Both versions can have different characteristics:

  • the number of axles: 3-4
  • type of the load floor: fixed/extendable
  • GVW: 41-58 tonnes
  • deadweight: 7.5-11.2 tonnes.

Besides the low deadweight, the manufacturer also aimed at achieving high load capacity. Let’s consider a semi low-loader OSDS-58-04 equipped with 4 axles and self-steering. The deadweight of the machinery totals 9.1 tonnes. Without a special exemption, the vehicle can carry a load of over 23 tonnes, while the possible load with an exemption can reach 48 tonnes (the figures concerns German regulations).

Thus, we can mention several important advantages of the low-loaders:

  • light weight
  • multi functionality
  • high efficiency
  • great strength
  • reasonable price.

What’s more, there are several additional ramps, which might be used together with the vehicles described. The features of the semi low-loaders presented in the article are basic (i.e. without ramps application).

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The vehicles are considered very productive and sturdy. It is a new achievement of the Nooteboom company, which allows them preserving their leading position on the market.