Details of the employee from the Aramco Services Company directory

Gary Sostak is an employee who has been occupying one of the leading positions in the company hierarchy for more than 25 years. Its main task is to manage supply chains, as well as to work with transport, warehouses, and trips of passengers. It is also important that under his leadership, the procurement team and the logistics system of the company operate. The total revenue generated by his business trips is more than $ 50 million: this is a very valuable and influential employee.

The situation of Saudi Arabia in the oil market

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For the last several decades, Saudi Arabia has cold-bloodedly and deliberately reduced or increased its production volumes. However, at present, this world leader in oil production has accumulated too many economic problems, which, if not resolved quickly enough, may lead to social problems in the future.

The Saudis are looking for a way out of the current internal economic situation. As the practice of recent years shows, a simple decrease in production volumes in order to raise prices is not working as efficiently, because countries that are not members of OPEC immediately react to this.

For example, Russia managed to increase the volume of its oil supplies to China, which led to a decrease in the share of Saudi Arabia in this Asian market.

Features of Aramco Services company

As for the company itself, it is worth mentioning that the company is a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco services located in Houston. Sostak is also deputy reporter, who provides up-to-date information on oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. The employee actively participates in the life of the company, and also works in professional organizations that work in this direction.

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The main company is a fully integrated oil company, which also operates in the chemical industry. Pay attention to the fact that the geographical area extends to the territory of America (North and South), as well as Canada.