Special Platforms, Special Work Flow

yellow and black train on railways

An operation to deliver and unload two first stage reactors for the diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit under construction has been completed in OAO Angarsk Petrochemical Company. Total weight of two jumbo reactors is about 640 tons, height – 32 meters each, diameter – up to 3.5 meters.

In order to transport the reactors by railway, special rail platforms and a tailor-made work flow were in use for the train to travel from the loading site in Izhorskiye Zavody shop to the refinery site. The unique shipping operation was ongoing for three months. Loading of each reactor onto prepared cradles ran on for 9 hours. Upon dressing of reactors with in-vessel internals, each of them became 30 tons heavier.

Two more second stage reactors are expected at the plant any time soon. Overall weight of these vessels will make over 1,400 tons.

Supply and installation of equipment are performed under major investment program under implementation by Rosneft at APC targeted at sweeping refurbishment of facilities in order to fully switch to Class 5 production (according to Technical Regulation). This program covers construction of new units for: diesel fuel hydrotreatment, hydrogen production, sulphur production, methyl tert-butyl ether production, sulfuric acid alkylation complex, hydrotreatment of catalytic cracking gasoline and others.

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