Special Route for Reactor

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The 3rd hydrotreater for Angarsk Petrochemical Company (part of OAO Rosneft) has been delivered to the client. Weight of the reactor is 345 tons, vessel length – almost 35 meters, inner diameter – 3,400 mm, vessel wall thickness – 97 mm and 130 mm in the nozzles reinforcement area.
Contract between OAO Izhorskiye Zavody (part of OMZ Group) and OAO Angarsk Petrochemical Company (part of OAO Rosneft) to deliver four hydrotreaters designed for deep oil conversion and production of Euro-5 diesel fuel was concluded in 2011.

Two hydrotreaters R-201 manufactured at OAO Izhorskiye Zavody were already delivered to the client’s site, assembled and installed into permanent position. Valery Golovkin, Deputy Director of OAO Izhorskiye Zavody service center, noted: “The special thing about Angarsk and Angarsk Petrochemical Company which is the ordering party of this equipment consists in the option to use only railway or truck transport to deliver such an oversize and heavy equipment to this company.”

Reactors are usually shipped by water. But this time that was not possible. They had to involve rail transport. Valery Golovkin comments as follows: “It was challenging, as this is the maximum weight and ultimate dimensions of a carried load for this class of rail transporters. Therefore, it took a lot of time to develop a special route to bypass too curved railway sections as well as sections with small radius of curve for the carrying capacity of tracks and railway surface to meet all the requirements.”

Use of rail carriage called for change in technology of manufacturing sophisticated petrochemical reactors. The thing is, usually reactors are welded from special rings – shells – in plant shops. At the works, they are just installed at site. But this time, another technology was applied. Bottom support rings were welded to the reactors in the temporary unloading area. Craftsmen of Izhora worked out the kinks with the technology. “We made a settlement with the client: some supporting shells on which the reactor sits in the design position were not welded at our plant – the reactor was transported shortened which actually allowed it to be carried by rail. We had these parts aligned on the spot, welded them and carried out in-situ heat treatment,” told Valery Golovkin.

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Discharging of two reactors off the railway platform was performed on the territory of the oil refining works by TIS using its own hydraulic gantry system Greiner.

SV Trans took over further cargo transportation. In order to haul the extra heavy reactors over the territory of Angarsk PC, the company’s engineers studied the initial data of cargoes, surveyed the route, made calculations and identified the required transport means to carry out this move. Pursuant to preliminary calculations, 18-axle Scheuerle SPMT (self-propelled module systems) was delivered to the plant and assisted in moving the load from the railroad siding to the chemical equipment installation site.

The reactor sitting on the cradles was reloaded onto the self-propelled module transporter which was rolled under it, and then hauled the out-of-gauge heavy lift to erection site. Two 500-ton cranes (crawler and mobile) managed reactor unloading.

Further installation of the vessels was preceded by assembly of reactors with bottom parts of supporting rings, field welding, heat treatment and ultrasonic testing of this welded joint, as well as transportation from intermediate site to the place of erection. Installation activities were performed by Izhorskiye Zavody service center with the assistance of subcontractors – ZAO PO UralEnergoMontazh and ZAO SpetsStroyMash Company.
Let us remind you that this is not the first time when Izhorskiye Zavody install the fabricated equipment into design position at the client’s site. In 2011, under the contract with OAO TAIF-NK (Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsk), Izhorskiye Zavody successfully fabricated, delivered to the client and installed the hydrotreater DS-302 into permanent position with the support of the service center.

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Reactors R-201 are used for hydrotreatment and isodewaxing of straight-run diesel fuel aimed at production of market grades “winter” and “summer” with extra low sulphur content (Euro-5 class).

The third hydrotreater for R-101 for Angarsk PC was manufactured by OAO UralKhimMash against the subcontract. Activities to fabricate the fourth vessel were also completed at the plant.