Find out the specialists’ outlook for the breakbulk industry situation from the media

Abu Dhabi Ports’ outlook

Abu Dhabi Ports became a great support for the organization of Breakbulk events in the region. They have contributed to the forum for 3 years already. It is connected with the fact that they understand the significance of the industry for the development of the Middle East region.

As the specialists of the company claim, the breakbulk sector is vital for the development of infrastructure. The same concerns the project cargo issue. As a result, the economies across the region might become much more integrated and diverse.

blue intermodal containers

The breakbulk industry of the region covers:

  • heavy-lift transport
  • steel products
  • forest
  • equipment used for the construction, etc.

In 2018, the specialists became more optimistic speaking about the development of the breakbulk sector. The microeconomics is hoped to become better by 2020.

Some of the current problems are volatility of prices, changes in the sizes/volumes of cargoes, and their categories. Nevertheless, the carriers have already managed to deal with overcapacity and several other problems. For further development, innovations and exploration are required. Thus, the representatives of the sector must strive for the application of innovative technologies. The members of Abu Dhabi Ports consider Breakbulk Middle East to be the best platform to reach such goals. During the forums, the specialists can discuss the current trends, problems, and challenges. Besides, they might find perfect decisions and create new partnerships.

The inauguration of the Maqta Gateway platform became another contribution to the development of the sphere in 2017. It offered over 100 services to project cargo clients and stakeholders. Besides, the team became responsible for the digitalization.

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Abu Dhabi Ports: general information

Abu Dhabi Ports is an organization, which provides Breakbulk Middle East with the significant support and helps develop the logistics industry of the region. The company itself works in the sphere of the maritime trade. They have more than 10 terminals & ports, which are located in the UAE and Guinea.

With their contribution, the region becomes more prosperous from year to year. They are searching for new ways of industrial growth.

Despite certain challenges, the company is full of optimism. They hope that the Breakbulk events can become a great opportunity for partnership and experience exchange. More information about the organization can be found on the Internet.